The Battle of Kampen Presentation

There was a great show in Kampen, Netherlands on the publication day of the historical graphic novel The Battle of Kampen. I was invited to a studio of a local craftsman Dolf Schinkel where the actors prepared for the presentation. There I got acquainted with all the participants and met the mayor of the town himself, dressed in a medieval attire especially for the show. He took pictures with me and looked through original watercolours I did for the book.

 After a while, the fancy medieval procession went from the studio along the streets of the old town right to the stage where the presentation started. Reporters were already there, waiting for mayor and others. My publisher Paul Reichenbach and the mayor did a speech after a play and mayor was presented a first copy of the book. I gave one of the original watercolours to him as a present and we shook hands in front of the cameras.

The mayor of Kampen liked the watercolour so much that he even suggested it for the upcoming exhibition called “The Mayor’s choice” held in a local art gallery.

The event was featured in the newspaper and on various websites.

You can see some of the watercolours I did for the graphic novels in the gallery.