A Message To Haters

Have you ever wondered why there are so many bad people around? Those who hate you, laugh at you, talk bad things behind your back? You think you haven’t done anything bad for them, but they keep on hating you.

Recently one bright thought came across my mind and i want to share it because i think it was like a huge jump forward for me.

So here’s the thing, it’s always good to look on subjects from a different angle. And when you do that all your emotional experience about such people goes away. You can look at them as if you don’t really care about what they do. So the question is why do such people exist in your life?

Look at them, they notice all your bad features and flaws, they know exactly where your weaknesses are and they expose them. That is the purpose of their existance, to point at your weaknesses.  Are you getting this? They exist as the catalyst for you to develop yourself! Who else will show you all your flaws? Even your close friends can’t judge you fair because they LOVE you. And to see your mistakes you need to have enemies. Imagine all them gone, what would you do? You certainly won’t die and you’ll keep on developing yourself but it will be a lot slower. So what is the right attitute to such people? The key thing is to LOVE such people. I mean you shouldn’t cry if someone says you can’t do something good. You should improve. People will find much more things you can’t do or do wrong, but many of them see the tiny flaws you won’t see if such people didn’t exist. This is in fact the purpose of all Evil on our planet. Evil and Good are like + and – and you are the tiny particle that bounce from each of them and finally fly beyond this magnetic field.

Good and bad people are the reflections of You. In bad people you see your flaws and in good people you see your good qualities.  They all exist for a purpose that each one could judge himself fair.

So here is the message to all who hates me: Thank you for being around, thank you for your help in my development. I love you.