Get Out Of Your Cave!

Hi there,

It’s me again, Entaro, the cat.

Many many years ago, when the dinosaurs have already gone but the cats were not yet domesticated, my ancestors were not as cute and tiny as i am. They were much bigger, even bigger than African lions or Indian tigers. They were called smilodons. Those guys had a pair of huge teeth that were longer than your… well they had really long teeth. And they lived in caves. Oh and there were some primitive humans in that time too, but they were not friends with smilodons, they didn’t give them milk or whiskas. And smilodons were not saying “Meow” they roraed instead, like “GRRRRR!”. Anyway i don’t want to tell you about smilodons, i want to tell you about where they lived.

Yes, caves. A hollow place somewhere in the mountains or under ground. It’s a well known archetype in fact, has more than one meaning and representation. And i have painted many pictures with caves that show that. You’ve probably played Skyrim and if you did than you’ve explored dozens of caves in the game. Maybe you were even palying an argonian character like this one:

Cave can be a dangerous place, a shelter to monsters. But it can also hide some treasures, chests full of gold coins or other precious stuff. Also, cave is first and most sacred of human dwelling places. That’s why i’ve chosen to draw the cave in Back To Primitive Contest  with the Predator preparing for hunt:
Stone Age Predator by Entar0178
The cave often symbolizes a place of mysteries and secrets can be guarded by supernatural beings, creatures that don’t exist in reality. Who knows what can be found in a dark cave? Somewhere in a cave in a galaxy far far away you can even encounter general Grievous:
General Grievous Vs Sith Lord Commission Painting by Entar0178
Cave can represent a place where a secret and evil is separated from the rest of the world. But sometimes you face your own demons there, like Luke Skywalker did:
Haunted Cave by Entar0178
In this case the cave can be a representation of human’s mind. We all have such cave inside our head, where the most terrible secrets are held, memories that you want to forget. But the question is: do you OWN your mind or your mind OWNS you? You are not your mind, you are a personality that can CONTROL your mind. To do that, first you must realize that your mind controls you. Yes, it does. You need a proof? Try to stop your thoughts, try not to think about a yellow monkey for a minute. You can’t just stop your thoughts because you don’t own them. They are not your thoughts, they just flow in a universe around you. But you can CHOOSE, you can draw your attention to one thought or another. Like switching channels on TV. That’s our only true freedom. But part of gaining the freedom is accepting that you are a slave. So don’t live in the cave, step out into the light.