The Shadow of the Cross Awakening is published!

I am pleased to announce that the second part of my graphic novel The Shadow of the Cross is out now! In this book, titled The Awakening, I kept what readers enjoyed in the first one, such as the quality of artworks but gave each page more depth by adding a bit of backstory of characters. They start to get along with each other, gaining mutual trust and understanding through sharing what they learned through the years. And of course, there is an element of surprise that I hope you readers will enjoy as well.

You can find the book here.

And here is a little sneak-peak of what you can find inside the book, it is one of the watercolor paintings I did for it:

Once again I want to thank my publisher, MadeGlobal and kind people who run this company for inviting me to Spain where I got plenty of inspiration and motivation to finish my book. Not forgetting wonderful authors who are part of this and especially, Debra, author of Jasper Tudor biography who was always ready to help and inspire. My friend writer, Morgan Bell

My friend writer, Morgan Bell who was working with me on his Technosis graphic novel was very kind to be a part of the creative process of producing this book. And he also wrote a preface that I am honored to include on the first pages. Here is what he wrote:

With the first book, The Shadow of the Cross, Dmitry established a visually nuanced and compelling narrative of the final moments of the Siege of the Castle of Montségur and the Inquisition’s questioning of one particular young woman; Yvette. As Dmitry brings us his next story, he continues to show his talent in his attention to detail, his deft use of the images, and his commitment to the truth of this story. This is the book his fans have been waiting for. Having had the pleasure of working alongside Dmitry as he made this journey I can promise you that he will hold your rapt all the way to through the final panel.


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