The Making Of Toni Mount’s Sebastian Foxeley

I am proud of the fact that I did several cover images for Toni Mount’s books. Toni Mount is an author and historian who publishes her books by MadeGlobal publishing company. She wrote a series of books called Sebastian Foxeley Medieval Murder Mysteries. In these wonderful books, she tells us a story about young and talented artist Sebastian Foxeley who lives in dangerous medieval London.

I was really happy when she asked me to paint the portrait of this character and I started working on it with great inspiration. Later when the portrait was finished MadeGlobal publishing company created a video from my sketches and “work in progress” shots.

Here is the finished portrait and the “making of” video:

The portrait of Sebastian Foxeley, main character in Toni Mount 's books
Sebastian Foxeley

You can find more information about Sebastian Foxeley on his own site:

Toni Mount has written a background story of Sebastian Foxeley on this website and she is constantly adding something new to it as the series continues. I am now reading the third book of the series and I find it very captivating.

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