Rock Music

A lonely car was climbing the winding mountain road. The driver and the passenger were fascinated by the scenery of the valley below. “Look, we drove higher than the clouds!” – said the driver. Indeed we did, the thin transparent clouds were covering yellow hilltops and pine trees that grew on the peaks were piercing through them.

When we stopped near the camping place and went out from the car we were struck by fresh mountain air and the loudest silence one can ever hear. It was so quiet you could hear your own heartbeat. But we knew it won’t last for long. Soon the place will be filled by the sounds of legendary rock songs.

Las Menas

As the band prepared for the gig I was able to take some pictures of their instruments and “stuff”.

MoreDrums Fender Drums Marshall

And later after a couple of rehearsals, the kindest owner of the place served us traditional Spanish meals.


It was still early to start the gig and we could just have some rest but I wanted to explore the surroundings. When I went to the edge of the road I was immediately captivated by breathtaking landscape below. Once there was a prosperous mining town here but now it is empty and only several dark mine entrances and abandoned houses remind you of those times.


Tim soon joined me with his camera and we went to explore the place further. After we climbed back to the camping area we met the rest of the band members and had some fun taking pictures.


Soon after we returned to the bar and the musicians went to the stage to explode the evening with the greatest hits of the most famous rock bands. I was very pleased when the vocalist, Silvio devoted the last song for me.

Tim Musicians Drummer

When I got back home I felt inspired and I really wanted to paint an oil painting that would remind me of the great time I had in Spain. So I thought that the huge raw iron rock that stood near the mine entrance would be a great thing to paint. And here is the finished oil painting:


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