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Hi, guys!

ErmageredCatEntaroCrop by Entar0178

It’s me speaking, Entaro, the only cat on the planet who can draw (and speak).

Here are the steps of my painting “The Mercenaries”. I did it for a huge contest, you can find it here:…

The work tells a story about how i encountered 4 mice one day. I was just making my way home when suddenly i saw a shoe on the lawn. I decided to play with it, because i just get crazy when i see shoes! Yeah, they are so comfortable to sleep in if they are big enough and the shoelaces are my favorite toy! Imagine my surprise when i saw 4 armed mice right behind this shoe! Those 4 bastards scared me to death! But let’s get back to this tutorial.

So i began with a rough sketch on paper to establish the idea
Untitled by Entar0178
Then i scanned it (yeah, i can scan!) and used it to create a sketch in photoshop
Untitled by Entar0178

Later i began to paint the black and white underpainting (on a new layer under the lineart sketch)
Untitled by Entar0178

So i just drew and drew untill i got dizzy…
Untitled by Entar0178

When i finished the underpainting i added a new layer above it, in color blending mode and colored the picture using a standart soft round brush

Untitled by Entar0178

I added some small details and that bokeh in front.
Untitled by Entar0178

Later one guy told me: “look, you paint the grass wrong, it should be thinner close to the ground”. I repainted the grass and added a hat on my head.

3041462 by Entar0178

And that’s all. You can watch the steps in the video here:

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