The Four Horsemen Tutorial

I cant say i’m a pro artist but maybe someone will find my tutorials usefull. Here are the steps of the Four Horsemen. Feel free to ask me questions about drawing and painting, i’ll gladly answer all and try to help you in your problems.

The finished painting:



As always the 1-st step is a rough sketch, just to put my thoughts and ideas on the paper/. Then comes the hard part to put every horsemen into a composition based on the divine proportion and to design each one’s clothing and props. For Pestillence i used the medieval plague doctor mask. I gave it more agressive look by adding teeth to it. The helmet of the War represents different cultures, the form is based on ancient greek helmets, the hornes are from viking helmets and the feathers represent late medieval knight’s helmets. He has an axe, because i think this weapon complement him best of all. The desighn of Death is based on Terry Pratchett’s Death character. Famine was the hardest of all for me, and i drew him last. After i finished grayscale underpainting i made exposure correction and then colored it with a new layer in color mode. Finally i added sharpen filter and some noise. Then i made color adjustments with the curves.


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